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Name: Phil Dee
Location: Bladensburg Maryland
Submitted: October 25, 2014 20:49:56
Comments: Greetings Marshall and Tara Saw you all in Maryland Oct.11 Marshall you are an Inspiration your spirit and voice are still intact and you have not let that stroke stop you Keep on getting healthy keep the sweet music Coming God Bless you Marshall!!

Name: Irving "OG Geno" Jones
Location: Flint Michigan
Submitted: October 22, 2014 03:03:19
Comments: I love that book Uncle Marshall, it was cool to sit back and read some of the things that you and my dad (Creadel "Red" Jones) went through.. The day that I got it I read through the first 95 pages, and couldn't put it down... If it wasn't for that thing called sleep, I would have read it all in the first day :) Loved it... And I'm still yelling "Ain't No Lights Like The Chi-Lites" :) And I loved that Unsung episode of The Chi-Lites too.. they did a GREAT job putting it together the way they did... TWO THUMBS UP :)

Name: Theresa Thomas
Location: Washington, DC
Submitted: October 14, 2014 15:02:31
Comments: Recently saw the Chi Lites at the Publick Playhouse in Cheverly, MD. I really did enjoy the songs from long ago, it brought memories of the Howard Theatre. Continue good luck to your group and continue good health to Mr. Thompson.

Name: Kevin C.
Location: chicago IL
Submitted: October 03, 2014 09:55:54
Comments: I had the GREAT privilege of seeing this group live in 1972 at the MET on 47th and King dr. They had two shows, and after seeing the 1st show I snuck in to see the 2nd show and the but whuppin I got for comming home so late was worth it. I was mesmerized by the outfits and the harmonies. I can still here them sing "GIVE IT AWAY" OH THE MEMORIES!!!!

Name: Adrian Ingham
Location: Coventry UK
Submitted: October 01, 2014 13:05:12
Comments: Had the fantastic privilege of seeing the Chi-lite in Sale, Manchester 21.01.1980 and shaking the guys hands. The song "Have you seen her" 1972, started my interest in great soul music and is still my all time favorite. Looking forward to seeing the group and hearing the classic song again in early 2015. Keep up the great entertainment guys !

Name: Katherine Romero
Location: Buchanan, NY
Submitted: October 01, 2014 02:37:53
Comments: I love the Chi Lites! I know good music when I hear it! Wish I could have met them all!!!

Name: Debbie Gale
Location: Wash DC
Submitted: September 29, 2014 19:34:33
Comments: Loved the unsung program and of course, I love the Chi-Lites. I have been a fan for many years and your music lasts and will stand the test of time. I have so many fond memories from the Carter Barron in DC to other venues. Keep on keeping on and know that you are appreciated and loved.

Name: Junail Hill
Location: Detroit, MI 48227
Submitted: September 28, 2014 00:06:07
Comments: Hello MT! It was wonderful seeing you on Unsung and how wonderful you commented on the group. I hope all is well with you. It's been years since I've seen you, the memories are forever such as Henry's Cocktail Lounge and the Michigan State Fair. I wish you well, and hope our paths cross again one day soon. Keep on keeping on and I'll keep playing those 'Golden Oldies'. Much love, Junail

Name: Eloise East
Location: Cleve,Ohio
Submitted: September 20, 2014 19:07:20
Comments: Hi Marshall,saw the story of The Chilites, on unsung. what a great story,thank God you have kept them all alive.I only wish there was someone to keep the story and life, of Jackie Wilson,and put his story on unsung. He started it all he was first with Brunswick, and the rest is history. please keep your group alive,you are here for such a time as this.Thanks for the great music your group has produce through the years.May God richly bless you,and all that you do. See if you know of anyone who can share a light on the story and life of the Great Jackie Wilson.HE WAS ONE OF THE GREATS!!. I'M SURE YOU KNEW HIM PERSONNALLY. THANKS MARSHALL.ALSO PLEASE COME TO CLEVELAND WITH YOUR SHOW,I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU.AND THANK YOU IN PERSON.

Name: Kathy Walker
Location: United States
Submitted: September 18, 2014 17:07:11
Comments: Saw the bio on Unsung last night. What great music, what great memories. Had to chuckle at some of the outfits but back in the day, they were smokin'! Brought to work your "Greatest Hits" CD to listen to and sing along at work.

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